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Another Virtual Course is getting to the end... And 3 more are coming!

Last Week, a group of 40 people have finished the virtual course: "A dialogue on Learning & Teaching Strategies in the 21th Centruy".

I was part of the team that organized the course at METC, and during it, I worked on the backstage by giving support from the side. From my perspective, this course was an extremely informative and significant course. It enables teachers and educators that are fully immersed in there educational actions to stop and reflect about the "what" and the "how" of  what they are doing, and  it give them an opportunity to have a meaningful dialogue with other educators around the world. 

The participants of the course are alumni of the METC Center. Each participant in the course, during the Synchronic and A-Synchronic encounters, was able to use the variety of tools and models exposed according to their personal interest and knowledge, improving & transforming in this way their pedagogical and educational approach. 


Further more, I think there's a great benefit in Virtual learning, because the teachers themselves are exposed to digital and 21th century learning methods, and this experience in itself helps to enrich and innovate their student learning experience, making it more meaningful and successful.

I want to thank Bonnie Rechter, the amazing Lecturer of the course for all the effort and for a great job! I want to thank also the LNET team, t
his course would have not succeed without their hard work and support. 

I want to use this opportunity to share with you that new Virtual Courses are coming! I want to invite all METC (Ofri Center) alumni to participate in our upcoming virtual courses In the months of August 3 new virtual courses will be held, 2 in Spanish and 1 in English .

In the following days we will post more detailed information about them! Keep following and stay tuned!

Sara Yisrael - Virtual project coordinator

The Aharon Ofri MASHAV International Educational Training Center - Jerusalem