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Learn from Experience: virtual course insights

with Roni Zedek   September 13, 2018

At the verge of finishing our virtual course concerning digital tools for teachers enrichment, we asked our students for a feedback. According to our principal guides, we asked the teachers to do so using a virtual, young learning platform they can use in class: Flipgrid . Through the site educators can ask students to follow a mission or answer a question by uploading a video- an instrument common in public and social media. The educators have the chance to comment and grade the task simply by content and performance, privately and publicly. 

To sum up, the most prominent comments we received from were:

1. Practicality : the course participants were able to apply the learned methods right away in class, and reported of a significant increase in students’ engagement in class. Finally, technology became teacher’s assistant rather than an rival for the pupils’ attention.

2. Interest and joy from the course activity : teachers who search to broaden horizons and learn more for self enrichment and hence better function in class, will enjoy this course. Participants drove satisfaction out of being instructured according to their level, interest and profession, and trying out new tools.

Get in to hear for yourselves from our participants!! ---> https://flipgrid.com/64c9bb


“I’d like to share my experience about the course that I’ve been going through. It has been very interesting because I have been exposed to new softwares , in terms of new technologies in the classroom. And it had also been very experiential , because you are not only learning about a software, you are also using it in the session. so the learning modality was also very very important, because I was exposed to a lot of new software. and I thought I knew a lot of softwares, but I learned new softwares, and I also learned how to use them in a class, how to teach them a new software by giving them a task that they apply immediately. It was very active learning , active engagement , and real time application, where by the time you finish the lesson, you are able to have been experienced how to use this particular software and how to use it in real situation. And the kind of engagement, the collaborative nature was amazing . The way people are giving feedback, the way we are interacting with the software, that was a very very engaging channel. I enjoyed it, it was amazing experience! ’’

- Dr. Maina, Kenya


for the video of Omar, Gmabia https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iImEO1bKzhs  

You are invited to respond in Flipgrid too!
Want to see for yourselves? try out and tell us what you think!

For MASHAV alumni which participated in the virtual course: tell us what’s the most important thing you’ve learned in our course.

For our guests: tell us what you would like to learn\ what technological tool you use at class! ---> https://flipgrid.com/64c9bb (log in through google account)

The ending of the courses was very emotional, as the ending of every educative process. All the participants had warm words to say to the course teachers, MASHAV team, the technological platform of LNET, Israel ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Education. It looks as though by learning via those tools we can really understand the meaning of 21st century learning and global cooperation and responsibility.
Roni Zedek, virtual programs coordinator at METC