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Virtual courses: the teacher's side

November 22, 2018

Rose Rubinstein
, who passed the excellent virtual course "cool digital teaching", is telling us: 

"I have recently completed my first international online course for the Mashav Institute. 
I began nervously online on 9 August 2018 and met the kindest, sweetest participants who were eager  to learn what I had to offer them.

We began looking in to the idea of the digital space and 
immediately discussed the idea of using the right digital tools for the topic at hand. It is my  belief that digital technology must enhance the lesson rather than take over the lesson. With that said,  we began with collaborative documents that get students involved in the lesson.

I learned a lot about the 
teachers in the course right there and then. I understood where they came from, some of the technical  difficulties that they had to deal with (and there were many). Yet, the difficulty actually made us grow  as I saw the stronger participants helping the less able teachers.

Using technology is not a matter of 
intelligence but only a matter of practice. Therefore, from the very beginning, we began to use the tools  and I was delighted to see what my online teachers were able to produce. They really impressed me with  their knowledge as I was exposed to all sorts of new and interesting subjects. After digging in to online  interactive presentations, long distance education and using WhatsApp as a real lesson tool we had fun  with infographics and the ideas that were put into posters were very humbling. 

In essence,
I met an amazing number of educators online who shared their worlds with me through using  digital technology. I hope that I was able to expose them to some new ideas and open their minds as they  did to me."

Rose is not the only one who enjoyed and learned so much from the course. The students as well were very enthusiastic about all the new information and the unique experience and thanked Rose deeply. We, at Ofri center, are very content to see our alumni staying in contact by learning, developing and implementing.  
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Roni Zedek

Virtual courses coordinator