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The Ripple Effect

Well, we are almost at the end of the journey looking at  “Pedagogic Training of Principals and Supervisors”, but it is not really the end. I believe it is the beginning of a new way of steeping along the path.  A path that represents the essence of education, a process whereby one person’s character inspires another, where children feel that their teachers are genuinely concerned for their individual welfare.  A true commitment inspired by the true spirit of education as a manifestation of the ideal of the complete liberation of the human being.

The participants have been "talking the talk" through workshops and lectures given by experienced professionals that hand by hand showed them their holistic method of working, spiced with tools and ideas.

A quote from Aristotle sums it up all: “Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.” As much as it is important to arm and educate our minds it is equally important to educate our hearts and we realized that education should be a means to help us set our goals in life, teach us how to deal with people, how to handle pressure, how to achieve success, handle failures and how to learn to accept things in life.

In order to assure this occurs, there is the need for a role model: the principal and the supervisor, who, that by simply taking a step forward,  encourage risk taking, not only on a personal level, but also by those who look to them for guidance or inspiration. The gamble of “stepping out into the unknown” results in growth and a learning experience.

We raised questions such as: when I teach, do I reach out and lead my students to places where new ideas and new thoughts habituate? Do I connect the dots with my students and fellow educators so they can see and think in new ways? This is what true leaders must do. Help connect the dots.

We discussed the fusing of new pedagogies, new learning modes that are spreading like wildfire and the implications corresponding of these new elements on leadership.

We have also encouraged the participants to begin spreading information to spark more awakening within their own places of work by creating a vision for transformation through a continual array of questions, challenges, assumptions, patterns and habits. The aim is to continue developing by leading,  using the new tools and skills they have gained.

A massive ripple effect is going around us and it  enables us to reduce the distance between the heart and the mind, which demonstrates the changing paradigm that's currently taking place within education.

Good luck to all and enjoy leading the path.