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A New Training Course Begins

Today we begin a new training course: “Pedagogic Training for Principals and Educational Supervisors,” together with a group of very interesting participants who will share their knowledge and this unforgettable experiences.

This is one of “those courses”. A course which was thought of and planned with the objective of a direct influence in the field. A course, which provides us with the opportunity to share the Israeli perspective on education whilst looking at the relationship between the Ministry of Education and the educators, supervisors and school principals.

This course will address issues such as the empowerment of classroom teachers, staff development and advancement, managing the relationship between the school and the community, and developing the school’s image. These issues can only be dealt with appropriately if the school principal and the educational supervisors change their perspective. The two main processes the participants will experience during the next 24 days will be related to taking themselves “out of the box” (I promise we will help) and changing their roles.

The role of supervisors and school principals in Israel is directly related to the educational process the student undergo and it is important to take into account when examing the Israeli Educational System. During the lectures and the professional visits the participants will shown how, for example, the school principals' role is much more complex than just being an administrative clerk. The feeling of entering a school, meeting the principal and “seeing” his/her fingerprints in the educational process is an experience that only those who educate can understand.

The role of these two educators varies from country to country. Some find it easier to take themselves out of the picture, others prefer total control. Deciding on the perfect range of involvement will be one of the topic we will be examining and discussing.

What is certain is that you are the leaders, the points of reference, and as such you must be able to grasp all of the school system's dimensions and aspects and create close connections between these elements in order to ensure the success of all members of the educational institution.

At the A.Ofri Center, we invite you to an inspirational educational experience of change and professional growth.