Weizmann Science Project: Science workshop and Lego classes

Project Name

Weizmann Science Project: Science workshop and Lego classes.

What did you try to solve?

The way kids learn science has been a real problem in my country. I believe that creativity, curiosity and hands-on are a real way to learn.

Goals of the Project

Help kids to develop scientific skills, through simple experiments, observation, inferring, creativity and team work.

What was the solution?

To open a space for a specific science workshop once a week and to include Lego classes to the curricula.https://www.facebook.com/pages/Weizmann-Science-Project/282628348453009  

Plan of action

At the beginning I had to observe kids with scientific skills, that could be able to have a development in a workshop.

Then, to have a place at school, to buy material and to collect natural resources for the science area (by now we have a nice collection of insects, leaves, shells, etc.)

Every new course, We make an open invitation in order kids to enter to the program.

The program involves topics about Earth Science, Life Science, Physical Science.

Workshop once a week: kids bring cheap and material easy to find, in order to represent processes by experiments.

Who was involved in the process?

At school: teachers, principal, students.

At home: parents and family.

Community: Water citizen committee (Delegación Benito Juárez, DF), CONAGUA.


The school has provided some of the material. Some parents make donations (for example, a doctor gave us more that 10 biology models).


I´m so glad with the results in the project. By now, there are more than 15 kids in the workshop, including kids with Asperger Syndrome, ADHD and emotional issues.

Situation of Project at the moment

The workshop is giving good results in knowledge, attitude to work and to observe.

During last year, we started the program at the Davidson Institute (Weizmann Institute, Rehovot Israel) for SBM (Science By Mail) and MBM (Math By Mail).


About the Project Developer 

First Name

Aurora Patricia

Last Name

Monterrosa Castillo





Job Position

Educational Researcher and Science Teacher.

Tell us about yourself

Love science, insects, coffee and chocolates!! Pedagogue. I´ve been teaching in elementary school for 13 years. I believe that creativity, curiosity and hands-on are a real way to learn.


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