Second week - the ‘Aha moment’

Sunday 4th May it’s a working day in Israel surprise surprise to the Mashav Kenyan community.

The group set out from the hotel at 7:30 am for the “Afek Experimental School” in the city of Rosh Haayin. We were welcomed by Yudith the school principal, Yair the representative of the parent’s commission and Yudith art’s teacher. This showed the good relations between the community represented by the parents and the school.

We were given a brief of the school by the principal in the library and then went for a tour around the school with the arts teacher. It was interesting to see how art, science, recycling, conservation, environmental studies could be put in one pot and bring out beautiful art pieces and a garden like the one we saw.

In the afternoon after coming back to Ramat Rachel there was group work where people shared their success stories and drew parallels through their stories. This was done under the guidance of the ever energetic Yudith Rosenthal and the ever patient shepherd Damian Filut.

Monday and we’re still confused as to whether it’s the 1st or 2nd or 3rd day of the week. All in all the day started well with the ever fresh, ever interesting Yossi Ofer who led the group to higher levels of understanding of ESD through the topic ‘The School as a platform for Sustainable Development’. This was done in groups where case studies were used to show the connection between the school and the community. Most if not all members had their ‘Aha moment’ on ESD as things become clearer.

At 11 am the group got a taste of the Israeli tradition of commemorating the lives of those who died in wars defending the country and terrorist attacks. A siren went off and everyone observed 2 minutes of silence. At exactly 3 pm, though members wanted to continue, the lecture had to end and the group left for hotel Ma’ale Hachemisha for Independence Day celebrations break.


Tuesday Holiday Yaaay! In the morning the group had team building activities where we played games and sang songs and got to know each other better. In the afternoon it was swimming and more swimming all in all a good day.


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