Hearing about Israel  from the other parts of the world instills so much fear in one’s mind but travelling to Israel and beholding the beautiful holy land’  erased every bit of fear from our minds. Israel has sites that are simply breath-taking, and just naturally beautiful.  The buildings are beautiful, the streets are so clean, and the landscape is just awesome. Part of our programme in the Youth At-Risk course are the visits to various tourist destinations and holy sites .These sites are simply amazing. Thanks to our tour guide Gadi Dahan he made it more interesting. Travelling to the old Jerusalem was an experience that will always be engraved in our hearts and on our minds. This visit made the Bible come alive in a real way.

Some of the amazing experiences include:

Ø  Looking at the second temple built by the Jews after they returned from Babylonia between 538-515 BC

Ø  Standing in the area where Jesus overlooked Jerusalem and wept.. (Luke 19:41)

Ø  Seeing where He agonized with His Father before He went to the cross (Matthew 26:19

Ø  Standing on the actual spot where the cross was planted

Ø  Seeing where Mary Magdalene, Mary the mother of James and John prepared his body for the burial

Ø  Standing next to the sepulcher  where Jesus was buried

Ø  Standing on the Mount of Olives  where He ascended to heaven (Act 1: 12)

left us wondering:  ‘Is this for real?’  Are we really standing in the place where our Savior once stood? Indeed a humbling pleasure.  It was absolutely amazing.

Then came the moment when we visited the Western Wall.  At this place we were all taken back by the myriads of people who were there praying.  Some of us also had a chance to touch it and say their prayers.



We also had a chance to visit the holocaust museum.  A briefing from our tour guide prepared us psychologically for what we were to experience inside.  We could sense the tension and seriousness of the whole matter.  When we got into the museum we were shown the social lives of the Jewish people in the form of picture film.  The thought that all of them were probably dead crossed our minds and in a split of a second we were in another world of thought wondering why one human being could decide to wipe out another human race from the face of the earth, his own species.  It was shocking and unbelievable but in happened.

This was just the beginning of the museum tour that lasted two hours and you can image how broken our spirits were when we went out of the building.  Do you want to cry?  Visit it.  Do you want to test your spiritual strength?  Get inside that building?  Or if you have not found your character visit that museum.  I promise you, you will definitely find your true self.

Thank you MASHAV for exposing us to these experiences.

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