“Who dares to teach must never cease to learn”

We are living in a challenging world and a changing reality, in which technology advances and develops rapidly, molding the world that surround us and changing it again and again.

This new era requires a redefinition of the role of teachers in the educational process. In it, the teacher is no longer the main source of information for students, since technology allows almost unlimited access to all kinds of information, and he becomes a facilitator and guide for the development of thought, knowledge, learning skills and values.

As a result of all this changes, especially the teacher’s role, the professional development of teachers requires a redefinition. This new approach to professional development must respond to the many challenges and needs with which teacher’s deals in this new educational reality.

This week, we, at the Ofri Center, launch our training course on Professional Development for In-Service Teachers. This training will include educators from 11 different countries, who deal in one way or another with the professional development of teachers and educators in their countries.

This training course, will give us the opportunity to take a glimpse into the Israeli model of teacher’s development. In its effort of adapting itself to the changing reality, it has developed a unique capacity of allowing freedom and choice among teachers, and a variety of paths and programs that creates a relevant teacher development, within the framework of the public education system. In this unique model, we will have the opportunity to appreciate the rich diversity of cooperation’s that are created between the Ministry of Education and NGO’s, educational institutions and educators, through which a relevant, innovative and adaptable model of teacher development is created.

Specialists and researchers all over the world sustain that the quality of teachers set the quality of education. We truly believe in this. With this as our bedrock, this training course includes a variety of visits to different organizations & schools, as well as encounters with specialists and educators within the Israel education system. All this tries to create and develop innovative models for teacher development, hoping that through it, the quality teachers so needed for a real Quality Education will be formed.

Our journey is just beginning.

Ariel Cegla - Course Coordinator

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