Professional Visit to the Kibbutzim College of Education Technology and the Art


            The various dimensions offered by the Kibbutzim College of Education Technology and the Art widened our personal horizons where self-evaluation and actualization were concerned. The amazing spectra of disciplines that the teachers could choose from amazed us. Teachers made materials for books that they used for children and this has inspired us to be more proactive in our approach to teaching. Technology was being used at its best and that was evident in the plays being put up by the students of the institution. Some were actively engaged in harnessing their skills at Physical activities, others were involved in Arts, and some in Music. It was rewarding to witness how teachers were engrossed in the activities that they chose. We were also welcomed to do an Art activity in which we made a finger print note pad by ourselves. It was a cute token they had helped us design and we had a sense of pride and ownership when we held the product in our hands. The song, Shalom Shalom, taught to us by the Music Coordinator saw all of us actively engaged in creating music with paper that complimented the song.

            The afternoon session had Dr. Koby Gutterman with us. He gave us insights of how principals can help teachers if they are well aware of the teaching and learning process in the classrooms. Dr. Gutterman himself has observed more than 1200 classrooms and he shared with us his experiences he has had so far. Being in the presence of an incredible personality as him made us feel privileged.

We were moved by the warm welcome the college offered to us and we are thankful to Ofri Center for having us here in Israel.


Pema Lama Yonzon

Laura Alejandra Martínez Tejada

Panchalee Tamulee

Catherine Nalubwama

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