Professional Visit to Giora Yuseftal primary school in the city of Migdal Haemek

On December 6th 2016 we had a very stimulating visit to Giora Yuseftal primary school in the city of Migdal Haemek with a unique idea of “communication” as the central theme for all the teaching learning process.

The very first feeling when entering the school was Hanukkah was all around with Menorah, Hanukkah songs and a table full of Hanukkah cakes. Students were playing and among them a boy was videotaping everything that was going on in the school premise.

After a few minutes with the refreshment and chit-chat, we began to explore the uniqueness of the school with the project “Communication promoting meaningful learning”. In the computerized class, to our amazement, the first graders could log into their laptop using their own username and password. We felt there was a strong connection and a sense of responsibility to the community here when we saw fifth graders in the class assisting first graders on computerized learning. 

The Theatre class was also very inspiring. “Theatre” in this case does not need to mean something big with stages and complicated scripts. “Theatre” to children means being able to use their body language to express their own feeling, interpret and understand others, which is crucial to successful communication.

Adding to the enhancement of effective communication, third graders of Giora Yuseftal school had an interesting topic to work on: The art of debate. In this lesson, children learned how to organize a debate, giving arguments and using nonverbal communication properly. Learning communication skills at an early age definitely has positive effects on the personality development of children and pays the way for future success.

We were taken to sixth grade where we were presented with a video taped and edited by six graders. This video was a part of the Transformative thinking program. The video had a strong message, dialogues, and characters were chosen properly. We were amazed with the wonderful work done by sixth graders. After watching the video we came to realize that the school had really adapted communication studies and film work for educational and social promotion. Then we came to understand why a boy was video taping everything that was going on in the school premises, when we entered the school.

The dynamics of the school has proved to be inspiring for all who witnessed what it had to offer. There was definitely much more than what met the eyes. It was a rewarding experience and we shall remain obliged to the school and the Ofri Center for having helped us to experience the richness that technology brings to lives of children.

Hue Tran
Midesh Maharjan
Mari Tepelikyan
Mary Sichangi

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