“AHAVA: A Love Approach”

We had the honor to visit “The children and youth village AHAVA” this week and see how they work. We met a great team of people engaged in the mission of giving to children and youth at risk a better life in a warm home environment. AHAVA in Hebrew means LOVE, and we actually saw this in their different programs; each one, build in order to fill the specific needs of every child´s group.


AHAVA village consist of several different sections. One of the sections is a Family care Unit; where children without homes live with a married couple in a functional home in the village. The second unit, the Daily Care Unit, takes care of children during the day. The third Unit, Special Education program, deals with children with learning disabilities, whereas the fourth section, hospitalization program, for children with specific health problems. The fifth section, Emergency Center deals with children who have been abruptly removed from their homes after complicated situations at home. There is also the External Emergency Center which provides social and psychical service to families that are also suffering traumatic situations. The final section is the Project 18+, which provide support for graduate’s youth (including youth from similar boarding schools) who have no families to support them to make the transition to the adult world.   


The youth village provides a good example of how the supporting networks can be used as a tool in re-engaging youth at risk. Essentially, we have learned through the visits to the various sections that for us to be successful with programs for this kind of population, we need take into consideration factors such as love, joy, trust, patience, commitment, safety, collaboration and individualized attention.  


We were particularly inspired by the passion and commitment of the team of teachers responsible for the students at AHAVA. This special commitment is evidenced in the words of the teachers: “your life is our job”.


Nathalia González - Paraguay

Hope Pius Nudzor - Ghana

Dale Anthony - Belize

Suman Bajracharya - Nepal

Chuleekorn  Chotdee  - Thailand

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