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We met with Irma Ben Moshe, Director of the Eshkol Pais Center. The center was built by lottery money from the community and provides service to over one thousand two hundred (1,200) students from two (2) Junior High School and a Senior High School. However, it also serves other schools from the community that may want to use the available facilities which include a theatre with an audience sitting capacity for 215 people, dance studio, and science laboratory.

The center shares its resources with the schools around the community. Teachers from nearby schools are allowed to bring their students so as to use the centers facilities. Besides, the center collaborates with the industries and bring in Experts to give professional talks to the students.


Students are encouraged to get involved in a science project either individually or in groups of three (3). The best projects which are awarded nationally are displayed on the school walls to encourage and motivate the students to perform better.


Support of girls to study science is done through the Girl Empowerment Program. Influential women in the field of science are invited to share and talk with girls to help them realize that science is a field for girls to succeed in. The center also offers In-service training for teachers.


The CADET programme for exceptionally excellent students.  The 7th grade students through the good science curriculum are exposed to learn basic coding skills through the use of the scratch environment which enables creation of animations through the use of calculations and algorithms.

Learners at 8th grade, get to a higher level of programming which is more practical engaging in the creation of Robots using LEGO.

In 9th grade, learners are exposed to Cyber and computer communication and focus is on how to secure communication in computers.

In the 10th grade, they program with a programming language called C# till the end of their studies using the same language to implement real life solutions to challenges in life as a project in their 12th grade.

ORT College of Aviation Technology and Space - (Yagal Levi)

The ORT College of Aviation Technology and Space rides on the motto Excel, Lead & Influence holding the principles of ‘Excellence in learning’, ‘Social activity’, and ‘Contribution for community’.


Founded in september 2004 in conjunction with the Israeli Air force and the Municipality of Ma’aleh Adumim, the school aims at offering students technological literacy by allowing them to study in technological and scientific environment hence providing the choice in either studying in the civilian or the military track.

The students opting for the civilian track study the standard academic curriculum according to the requirements of the standard matriculation exam.

The Military track enables students studying scientifically and technologically enriched curriculum accompanied by full personal and professional counseling by the teachers, the military instructors and the school counselor.


Excellence in the school is measured through the students undertaking an matriculation exam. The school has consistently achieved over 85% pass rate in the matriculation exam over the past 3 years.


The principal guiding the World ORT Organization is that science and technology together form the foundation stone of the education system and that all the pedagogical efforts should be concentrated in this direction. The staff hence advance and encourage excellence with a duty to enable the younger generation to fulfill their potential.  The students are prepared to cope successfully with the challenges of rapidly changing world of science and technology.

●     Have a unique setup to assist the weak students

●     Have innovative technological environment i.e. advanced computer laboratories

●     Each student gets tailor made curriculum to their specific abilities;


Lastly, we had a very rare opportunity to observe the students who are taking their final exam. The exam is not testing what the students memorize the facts. But, it is process-based testing. Students need to figure out the solutions of the problems explaining the background rational.


The Bloomfield Science Museum marked our last visit for the day.  It was established in 1992, and named after principal donor, Neri Bloomfield.  A science museum of this kind was a first experience for many of us.   As the name implies, many scientific explanations are captured through the exhibitions and displays which provide a hands on activity to the visitors.  For some it was just another time for fun while to others learning was taking place

We had guided tours and participated in various science demonstrations as well as attended an interesting workshop explaining the process of air compression, vibration process which had experiments that helped in learning more.


The Bloomfield Science Museum receives 70% support from the Government and 30% from the Municipality.  Statistics recorded for visitors to the museum indicate that a total of 250,000 is received every year out of which 70,000 are school going children.


One of the most important international project that the Museum has established is called Engineer Project (program used in different science museums around the world such as Italy, Denmark, Usa and so on), actually that project is encouraged for the Ministry of Education of Israel. That kind of project or activities (hands on) permits to be nominated one of the best museums in Israel with a high level in education system.


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