“We should give a hand to the difficulty and win together with it”

Our visit was wonderful since the moment we arrived at “Megadin” School. Everyone there opened their heart to us. It was extraordinary for all of us to see those little children singing for us and offering their culture through different symbols like: salt and bread, red wine, green fruit basket, white flower, etc.

We started the visit with a presentation of the school model by Osnat Landu, the principal of the school. She was very kind and she offered all her knowledge about inclusive education in the school and her passion doing her job. It was impressive to see how the principal and the staff worked together as a team. All of them were passionate about the students’ achievements.

All the teachers were very kind and they showed us the way they worked. Not only the way they worked, but also the love and respect they show to their students. We saw that the children were happy there. The environment around the school is arranged to make it a conducive to learning.

We felt very very included there and it was a wonderful experience for us all. We also feel that the education system in Israel is very advanced, especially in including children with special needs. As Osnat, the principal of the school said: “we should give a hand to the difficulty and win together with it”.

Our session of the afternoon, “Inclusion from theory to practice”, with Ms. Sharonm Jacobowitz was exactly that. The participants learned a lot of practical things about inclusion and how to go about it. We went out of the session with a lot of thoughts in our head regarding what we have to do back home:

·         The teachers in our countries need more spaces to express and solve their needs, feelings, thoughts & emotions. We can create suitable frameworks and habits that allow and encourage this.

·         It is difficult to change the level of awareness about inclusive education for disable student, and the teacher can do small steps towards this by changing their mindset and attitude.

·         If you work from your heart and with passion, it’s the first steps towards success.

·         The first step is always our personal example.

Yupin Khampan - Thailand 
Huynh Thi Hoang Oanh- Vietnam
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