First week of ESD New Group

The last five days have been amazing for us. First we want to say thank you to those people who granted us this incredible opportunity to gain new professional experience and find great friends.
Everything that has been happening to us is a great contribution to both our professional and personal development. All the classes and sessions that we are having here are really absorbing, trainers we meet seem to be the cleverest people in the world, and workshops that we participate in are exciting. Our guide is mind shaking, just mind shaking!

The venue, materials & facilitation has been excellent. Contents and presentations by the facilitators are consistently high quality and engaging. Thus, the training is very inspirational, energizing, bringing lots of ideas, with both substantial and in-depth knowledge together in how to apply education to sustainable development, PBL, learning from experience and being fully practice-oriented. Well-balanced composition of participants, which contributed to interesting and focused discussions and exchanges.

We realize that if want our childhood get prepared with 21st Century skills is required they learn about their roots, and aware them that they belong to a community.

A clear example of this was showed to us by Dr. Levy Yamamori, a beautiful story about how to turn a disaster into a miracle, “Toyooka’s Miracle the Return of Storks”. We learnt that only needed is a good idea and people with enough determination to make the difference. Another very important thing that we learnt is, every one of us can do anything, even if we believe that is impossible (such draw detail flower), when we have the right guidance, someone who empower us, provide us synergy, who encourage us, and invite us to attempt, despite the possibility of failing.

As teachers sometimes, without knowing it, we have limited our mind, and we need “Thinking out the box”. Dr. Oved Kedem, from Weizmann Institute, shared us a practical approach about scientific teaching, we made a lot of experiments, talked about energy, forces and dreams.  We broke some paradigms about sciences in school, the first one of those, was the need for buying very expensive equipment to teach properly, the second one, the over updating of science curriculum, and the last one, but not the less important, everything has to be proven, we can't suppose nothing as an universal truth. He reminded us that for our students we could be a kind of magicians, with a couple of tricks we are able to prepare enchanting session for them.

We really believe teachers are nation builders, because we have the privilege of modeling lives of numerous students, from several homes, countries with different cultural background, together for a glorious future of our nations.

“I must confess I am having a kind of a desire to change the world on my arrival home. I feel myself empowered by this exciting spirit of affiliation to the group, I feel inspired by the pedagogical ideas the program generated in my mind and I am happy to realize I have practical ideas how to implement them.” Tetiana Pogorielova

“Let´s empower learners to be a global citizen and equip them with the skills for Green Jobs”

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