Education is where teachers can share their experience and enhance knowledge to be meaningful

This week we learned that our own personal reflection leads us to make meaning from our learning experiences; i.e., to

 understand the significance of those experiences to us personally, and on our journey to be better teachers. Reflection also helps us uncover assumptions we have about teaching and our work as a teacher so that we can obtain evidence to evaluate those assumptions. Therefore, continue to grow and learn as well as to make meaning.

To enter the process of meaningful pedagogy, implies doing things completely different from a traditional way of teaching. Students should be the focus of the process of teaching and learning, in the sense that they have to be provided with ways and opportunities of participation in a consistent way. Teachers should  diminish “control” of the class and allow different kinds of opportunities for student’s participation, creativity, opportunities according to diversity of realities, which lead to find meaning within classroom, within school, and later on, among people of the large community….leading students from passivity to participation, from consuming knowledge to producing it.

To achieve meaningful learning as teachers we should reflect about policy issues that are beyond our control. Also, we need to consider situational factors that are within and beyond our control, for example, policy issues that are all about structures which support learning, learning spaces,  and the nature of students.  

This week we were presented with interesting questions:

What is the role of educators in Higher Education?

Are our teaching methods serving our students’ educational process?

Are we creating meaningful learning communities?

How can we engage our students and what is the role of ICTs?


These questions were explored through active discussion and participation, but most importantly from different perspectives. We have been able to share our experiences as educators from 19 different countries. Despite our differences, we all have one thing in common: we want to give our students the best chance to have a meaningful learning process.

Education today is not just teaching and learning, education is that place where teachers can meet and share their experience and enhance knowledge to be meaningful.

As a final point in our reflection we invite you to listen to the song “Another brick in the wall” by Pink Floyd. Here is the link to the song and another link to keep reflecting.

Written by:

Valeria Beatriz Moschetta (Argentina)

Kellen Kathuure Kiambati (Kenya)

Saltanat Meiramova (Kazakhstan)

Angelike Mariela Paez Tobar (Ecuador)

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