Reflection of a ESD journey in Israel

Bonsoir,Günortanız Xeyir, Xin chao ,  Buenos tardes,  Dobryi den, dobroho dnia, Saghamo mshvidobisa, Habari za mchana,  indet-walachihu, Tzohorayeem tavern,  Good Afternoon. 
All protocols observed 

My name is Magnificent Maina. 
It gives me honour to give a valedictory speech on behalf of ESD class of 2018

The project presentation rehearsals were more heated that the final project presentation themselves thanks to the policy ladies Amazing Aida, Awesome Aigerim and Catherine the boss. The community group animated the discussions led by Dr. Nicosia’s our Ofri Center Key handler which was salvaged by the quiet but aggressive Peninah the presentation savior.
This cohort has been unique in a way with a dozen countries including the host across the educator spectrum from professors, educators, principal, teacher educators, project managers, school inspectors and ministry officials.
I came here with a monolithic view of ESD and I am leaving with multiple perspectives of ESD. I am sure that is the same with all of us

The sessions were insightful: We had a wonderful Waiter in the name of Daring Damián in the Café dilemma; We Deepened our knowledge of Israel Education System facilitate by Auspicious Ariel; The sessions where knowledge deepening and creation; The visiting specialists spiced up the sessions; The 16-year-old amazed the whole class with his passion and knowledge about birds and birds spoting; Dr. Oved wowed everyone with the creativity of listening to light and ability to see music; The effective presentation session earned group of Charles, Moses, Francis, Tamirat and I the name of The African Parliament; Dr. Farid guided us we moved round and round looking for a school before opening our minds on different aspects of sustainability; A dialysis machine to clean water, yes, that is what Dr. Ammon infused teachers who guided students to come up with an amazing award-winning project; If you thought only candles burn out, ask Dr. Ariela she made us to rethink about work life balance.

The visits to: Community garden and Ein Shemer greenhouse; Elementary schools Alhjekme; Reut and Hofit; Middle School Al-Majd; Kibbutzim College; Municipal Youth department.
All these visits helped us realized how ESD looks like in practice 
The cultural programme brought out our contexts and great dancers like Tiny Tiko and MCs like Beautiful Mummy Maua. Apart from dances the cultural program brought out how a hat is worn in unique ways for different identities by the Economist Edgar. 

The appreciation of Births by the Two Birthday Girls Yuliia and Zhannat brought out a sense of family. The Kinneret Tour let by Director Youthful Yudith the Tour Guide was enriching. The Baptism Renewal of the Sweet Six Participants was praiseful to the Almighty. The Dead Sea and Tel-Aviv trip organized by Orkhan the Organizer enhanced our experiences of Israel 
The bus drivers were organized with the back-sit passenger Darling Dorji the smiling chap who says take away memories but leave footprints. Happy in-flight birthday Dorji. 

The Museum visit by the family Mai and Chi (Mama and Daughter of my class family) was insightful about the history of Israel and the neighbors. The holocaust museum visit which the faint-hearted Charming Charles and Awesome Aigerim opted to miss brought out the importance of connecting to the past.  All our activities were covered and shared virtually by the media personality Thang the Photographer 

This was our learning journey over the last 20 days.

We were exposed to facts, concepts and ideas. We experienced the facts, concepts and ideas, we practiced in small ways the facts, concepts and ideas and we have planned in our contexts to implement the facts, concepts and ideas. 
As a global facilitator when I walked into the room on day one I said what? Rows and Columns no way… I am in for a rough experience as I don’t ascribe to frontal teaching. Nevertheless, I was stunned when it turned out that was an approach leading to an activity to horseshoe sitting. That got me thinking okay I am in for an exciting learning journey. Indeed, the activities were engaging, exciting, frustrating some time from musical chairs, picture sorting, the prisoner escape, community curtain, solve a thon, pick-a-name and many more kept us up to the task. 

The content varied from ESD, Israeli Society and Education System, The birds programme, aspect of sustainability in education, science and creativity, personal development and social community involvement, hands across water, consumption and consumerism, school as a platform for sustainable development, professional support for educator and effective presentation amongst many others.

The process and the content have influenced and transformed us to ESD ambassadors with a difference. The true test of our new role will be put to test when we get back and explore the implementation of what we have learnt here.
In one of the sessions we learnt that the biggest mistake is looking for a solution for a problem. Instead we should see the problem as an opportunity to many possibilities. Many opportunities could rise,  could we co-facilitate sessions here with Damian et al? Think of the butterfly and the Rabii, should we crash it or let it go?  What do we want?  Is there a better way? 

Think about it… 

We would like to thank the Almighty God for bringing us this far.

The respective governments especially the Israeli Ministry of foreign affairs for making it happen.
MASHAV for creating the opportunity 
The facilitator for realizing the opportunity 
Ourselves for experiencing the opportunity 

"The pain of parting is nothing to the joy of meeting again," Charles Dickens

Toda Raba - Shalom 

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