The SILENT DROP OUT initiative in Botswana continue to grow and develop

Pearl Unoda Molobe, alumnus of the 2014 “Youth at Risk” course at the Ofri Center, recieved the MASHAV Grant for her "SILENT DROP OUT" Initiative! In this article she share her story...

In May 2014, i won a MASHAV Scholarship to attend a training entitled "EDUCATIONAL METHODOLOGIES- YOUTH AT RISK: PREVENTING STUDENT DROPOUTS AND FACILITATING REINTERGRATION." The training was held at the Aharon Ofri International training centre in Jerusalem-Israel from 12 May to 12 June 2014. The course focused on causes of dropouts and how they can be prevented. In Israel dropouts have specialised schools were they are admitted to pursue different careers of their choice.


I personally adapted the concepts of the course, however, considering limited resources i made the adaptation of the project to suit Botswana context. I came up with an initiative called Silent Drop Out. Silent explains learners who are in school yet passive, these learners attend school everyday but not benefiting from the teaching and learning processes. Such learners if not given attention eventually become complete drop outs. 


Therefore the project focuses on the following

1. Eradicating learner drop outs

2. Improve academic performance

3. Improve teacher-learner relationship

4. Improve teacher- stakeholder relationship


The project so far has been adopted by the Ministry of Basic Education and is in 15 primary schools since inception. Over 1000 learners have benefited from the project since 2015. Through the training that the teachers in those schools have received from the Silent Drop out training, they are now able to identify Silent Drop out learners in their classes and assist them accordingly.

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There has been evidence of motivated learners, less drop outs, improved accademic results and increased parental involvement.  The Silent Drop Out project took a step further and opened a Silent Drop out Trust which was officially launched on the 26th January 2018 by Israel's non-resident Ambassador to Botswana His Excellency Geshon Kedar. The aim of the Trust is to assist the Silent Drop out learners who are less privileged. The MASHAV grant continues to assist us in buying teaching and learning materials. 

We intend to see Silent Drop out in all Primary Schools in Botswana and globally.

Pearl Unoda Molobe - METC Alumni

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