Metamorphosis – Our evolution into finer educators

Planning our trip from Botswana , India, Ukraine, Vietnam, Kenya, Antigua and 10 other countries from around the world…… and arriving into Israel was OVERWHELMING for us all. Leaving behind our set lives...were we ready for it? well we dint know...only time will tell (each of us told ourselves).Embracing  an international integration for 3 weeks was certainly a new tick in our so called list of life.

Each of us noticed that we came here worried like a child not knowing anything about the course, what will happen next, without understanding of what we will do, how and what will we learn, in what way etc etc, however then came along our Big helped us to open our eyes on many aspects of the “Special Education”. The next stage of was to start looking  for  how to stand and to make our first steps on a metamorphosis journey.

A metamorphosis is a transformation that is defined as a thorough or dramatic change in form of appearance or character, usually for the better. It occurs from the inside out, it takes place in the heart and in the mind. You don’t know what it’s going to be or how it’s going to look like, but the dreaming is slowly starting and based on different principals.

Everybody knows about those principals «include», «accept», «teach equally»…, but in our daily rushing we sometimes forget about all this… and being taken  from our usual life we had the opportunity to understand, feel and think about using all these terms, not only in classrooms, but in life itself.

Like… What about 1+1=?, it is great example for us, but after the course we understood that even 25 (participant) + 1 (leader) could be 1))) one unique goal, unique work, unique atmosphere… 

Undoubtedly this experience allowed us to go beyond the academic proposals: we renewed our professional vocation for educating our students in a frame of respect and inclusion. During these 20 days we shared our perceptions, realities, opinions and experiences, we learnt the value of listening to others and to build dreams no matter how different we think. 

The promised land of Israel opened to us its doors to realize that with advocacy, commitment and humanity we can contribute to create a better world in which we can dignify all people, We understood that the rigidity of curriculum is not the main goal, on the contrary, what really matters are the capacities and dreams of our students: definitely difference should not see as a problem; but as richness.   

We met a lot of interesting people, thoughts, ideas, confusing yet useful things… and… with each step we felt more and more curious about everything, like a child learning to stand on two feet not ready to walk yet, but wants to see everything during our professional visits, and feels so excited about everything on our outings… our experience was at times hard, at times funny, sometimes individually, sometimes with the help of experienced teachers…. and dear, Big Sis Ms Yudith, You were absolutely right… about 2 things you said. “that we will certainly be more confused before we go back”:P  & that ” we will be an expert at getting around this amazing city”.  And guess what!!Both turned out to be exactly correct.

Today we are absolutely convinced about our capacity of transformation – our metamorphosis and our evolution into finer educators.  We step into what’s come true, it does not matter the challenges we have to face, and a better education for everyone is possible if we join our skills and strengths. 

As a finer educator we believe it’s what’s said in between the lines that matter the most…
● Be a fine educator, whose actions speak much more than what he / she say.
● Be the educator who imprints his or her work in their students mind
● Be the educator who transforms opportunities into milestones for their students
● Be the educator who knows the needs of their students before them 
● Be the educator who knows that their love for their student is the way to success and the tool to break any barrier.
● Be the educator who practices whatever they suggest to others
● Be the educator who listens to themselves before hearing their students.

Now, we are ferocious dreamers, a new family with sisters and brothers from 17 countries, following something in common; to create better education conditions for who’s the society have marginalized because they are different. We believe that working together we will surely achieve our dreams.  

“Thank you for all the inspiration” METC 2018 Inclusive and Special education!!We are proud to be Alumni of this organisation.

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Benjamin-Botswana, Christian Colombia, Fridah-Kenya, Ingrid-Antigua, Iryna –Ukraine, Nga-Vietnam& Susan-India.

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